About TuckerTalk


My name is Jennifer Tucker.  A quick bio: I began life at a very young age. After two successful years of nursery school, I embarked on a 17 year adventure through the U.S. educational system to get my college degree.  I then experimented with a range of different professions, including geology, public relations, and management consulting.  Over time, I realized that group facilitation is among my favorite activities, as it reframes my kindergarten report card feedback of “bossy” into professional feedback like “skilled at keeping groups on task.” Along my professional path, I completed another nine years of education, ending with the relief that comes from being Phinally Done (Ph.D.).

On a more serious note….

In June 2018, I became the Deputy Administrator of the USDA National Organic Program. Prior to that, I was the program’s Associate Deputy Administrator for almost seven years. Before joining Federal service, I spent 13 years as an organization development consultant, where my work focused on organization assessments, strategic planning, work group facilitation, communications, and leadership development. In 2008, I authored Introduction to Type and Project Management, part of CPP’s popular Introduction to Type Series.

I hold a Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies from Virginia Tech (my research was on the motivational factors involved in scientific data sharing), an M.S. in Management from Purdue University, and a B.A. in Environmental Sciences from Wesleyan University. For volunteer activities, I am the Co-Founder of the Non-Profit FOSS Institute and Secretary/Treasurer of the Reversal Theory Society.

Content on this website reflects my views only, and does not represent the USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service, or the National Organic Program.