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Reversal Theory: In Tweets

Lots of my work involves applying personality models and social theories to better understand and navigate real world problems. One of my favorites is Reversal Theory, a model that helps people both systematically understand and better control their motives and emotions. While awareness of Reversal Theory is growing, it is a model that deserves even […]

MBTI Refresh: The Twitter Way

Time is precious these days, with increasing pressure to digest the world in tweets, sound bites, and elevator speeches.  At the same time, my clients say the top competencies they need – and that are lacking in their teams – are interpersonal skills, communication skills, and critical thinking.  How do we meet these competency building needs when […]

Tackling Twitter

I joined Twitter about a week ago. Slow to the party by some social media standards, of course, but I sometimes take my time with these things.  Here’s some initial impressions for others considering tweeting in 2010.  First and most surprising: I thought I would be annoyed by the limit of 140 characters, but I quite […]