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Matching Messages with Motives

In August 2011, I presented “Matching Messages with Motives: The Reversal Theory Toolkit” to about 200 health communication specialists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media. The feedback about Reversal Theory and its application to health communication was really positive, and exciting to see. The […]

8 Reasons to Vote

Election Day has arrived in the U.S., so this post provides eight reasons to vote, with each reason drawing from a different motivational state.*  Given that most candidates seem to be focusing on the “vote or dire consequences will occur” card (covered by the first bullet below), I thought a little motivational diversity might do […]

Reversal Theory: In Tweets

Lots of my work involves applying personality models and social theories to better understand and navigate real world problems. One of my favorites is Reversal Theory, a model that helps people both systematically understand and better control their motives and emotions. While awareness of Reversal Theory is growing, it is a model that deserves even […]

Jenny’s “Top 10” OD Tools

For those outside (OK, even for those INSIDE) the Organization Development (OD) field, it might seem somewhat nebulously defined. (In fact, the first time I was introduced as an OD speaker, I thought they mixed up my bio with someone else.) I have become more comfortable with the term, and I thought I’d use this […]